Who are we?

MUNDIA Association is a non-profit organization created in the spring of 2008 in Cluj-Napoca, with the purpose to bring hope in the Romanian society. It is a new association which aims to improve the lives of the suffering people whose world is sad and grey.


We want to be an active part of a prosperous, healthy community, whose members can live a normal, decent life.


The Mission of Mundia Association is to prevent, restore and maintain the health of the unfavoured categories of the society through medical projects, surgeries or direct sponsorship. The purpose of Mundia Association is to give the chance to a new life by health condition improvement.

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Be a volunteer!

Being a volunteer means involving and taking responsibility. A volunteer is the person who wonders why nobody doesn't do anything, the person who understands that he/she is the one who must do something and consequently decides to change things in better without expecting anything for a change.You too can be a volunteer!


Mundia Association:

Address: Str. Clujului nr. 7 Sannicoara. Cluj.
ZIP CODE: 407042
Phone: +40.264 407 070
Fax: +40.264 407 798
Mobile: +40.732 970 979
E-mail: office@asociatiamundia.ro
Contact: Mihaela Purja